I started the company as a web design firm in 2010. What I discovered was that the Internet was giving way to social media platforms and static templates. Apparently, you no longer needed the skills of a webmaster to be a webmaster. It was an early example of technology taking the place of skills. I’m oversimplifying for the sake of writing about it. It was not as easy to see happening, at least for me. Everything started looking the same to me. I found there was a sterility in working with technology. I still do.  I shifted into writing about technology as a way to leverage my observation skills. Although I observe, research, and write about technology, my passion is to help creative people sell their work.

I have a substantive resume and found that as I went up in rank, the language around me became stifling, opaque and filled with the latest consulting terms. It drove me bonkers. I set out to write with easy to read language. Language that entertains, informs, and highlights other people.      

My temperament is to focus on people. As someone that perceives aesthetics before hearing the message, I found it is useful in seeing incongruence. Sometimes I draw on this to write humor, while other times I use it position my clients to make a sale. Like you, I’m more than my resume and would say I am a work in progress. Seems like I am always working..when is retirement?!!

Tesla Designs LLC is not affiliated with the Tesla Car Company. I wish I could say I was that prescient, but I settled on the name after studying the concepts of Nikola Tesla in graduate school. 

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Scott Hall



My Specialities


From small businesses to large corporations, my goal is to help you calculate the conditions of success that must exist for you to sell your story, your art. What works and what does not work. It's about resonance and not reach.


The goal here is to help you tell your story in a way that is interesting. I create curiosity that leads to awareness. Without awareness you can can't expect your customers to care about what you are creating.


I have helped several Fortune 500 companies win more than $400 million in awards. From complex bids going into the Federal Government to small local state grants, I help you meet the challenges with planning and writing that will hold up under compliance reviews.


I find gaps in and around your product offerings. I do so with patience and kindness. After all, it's all about helping people organize, simplify, and see forward to position themselves.

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