In business since 2010, Tesla Designs LLC provides learning and education seminars for businesses, organizations and individuals. We help you turn your organization into a learning organization. One that organizes, scales & sees forward.
Our goal is to help others position themselves and their businesses by using two primary actions: One is to help them predict the conditions that need to exist for their product and services to be successful. Second, we help people see the natural and scientific barriers to their being successful.

Using creativity to see connections and correlations.

Tesla Designs is run by Scott R. Hall. ” I took the name after graduate school. We are not affiliated with the Tesla car company. Like you, I am more than my profile and do not enjoy self promotion. However, I do value transparency and putting a human face to a website and company.”

I use my experiences from combat & leadership with the Marines to software development with Fortune 500 companies to facilitate and teach how to use creativity to solve problems. I show businesses how to translate aspirational strategy into operational reality through education, observation and imagination.

If you need helping trying to figure out how to organize, scale and see forward contact me at: scott@tesladesigns.com

Complete Educational Consulting Services Include:

  • Seminars to teach how to use creativity to solve problems by seeing the natural & scientific barriers around them.
  • Show managers how to better communicate with their employees by helping them map aspirational strategy into operational reality.
  • Tools and techniques that help senior managers & executives predict the conditions that must exist for their products and services to be successful.
  • Writing & editing that connects with student’s intrinsic motivation.
  • Teach how to implement Open Source LMS software such as Canvas and to ensure class content is compliant and effective.
  • Proposals, grants and technical writing.

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