In business since 2010, Tesla Designs LLC, provides Software Documentation Services. We make things easier to read and retrieve.

Our document automation service is all about retrieval while maintaining compliance and an audit trail. Our custom database system makes finding documents, business intelligence, and key artifacts easy.

We help clients rise above the cacophony of voices. We help them organize, scale and see forward. From observing our collective busyness to capturing emotions common to us all, we articulate the state of things in way that helps clients understand why their messages are not resonating with prospective buyers.

A team of experts standing by to help you.
  • Documenting Software
  • Document Automation
  • Software Evaluations
  • Compliance Evaluations
  • Technical Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Capture Management
  • Software Sales

Tesla Designs is run by Scott Hall. ” I took the name after graduate school. The company is not affiliated with the Tesla car company. I like to think I am in the business of helping others adapt to their changing environments. I was educated in Artificial Intelligence, Databases, & General Computer Science. My expertise lies in bring everything together to help others sell more. It’s not just about recognizing the change, but recognizing how fast the change is happening. I help people connect in their communication by simplifying complexity. I help them create curiosity where none exists. My time in combat and industry has helped me understand that I can have an impact on others without appearing to do so. This website is dedicated to my students that keep me challenged and current.”

We help businesses by bridging the gap between the known and unknown. Software sales, cold calling, writing proposals and technical documentation. We help win more sales for them. For us, it’s about calculating the conditions that need to exist for a product or service to be successful. Once this image comes into focus, you can then position your company.

As technical translators our goal is to help businesses get to the truth of their problems by giving them a fresh perspective and clarity in how they say it. Our digitization processes are about being organized so you can retrieve critical documentation faster.

You can contact me by sending email to: scott@tesladesigns.com or visit me on LinkedIn.

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