Social Media & Conversations

Charlie Chaplin

Social media has brought overwhelming information to relationships. Have you ever started to share something with someone and they simply cut you off stating, “Oh yeah, I heard that on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other?”  Or maybe, you are not the most prolific poster but have a family member that posts in rapid fashion. Unbeknownst to you, they have already posted pictures of your trip, your experiences and other salacious details out to your family and friends. Most times the intent of the posting was intended to be positive but it can have an interesting side effect. The effect of sharing without parity or equal sharing can result in our short circuiting of our conversations. We cause an asymmetry[1] or lack of equality in our conversations and it can lead to one side withdrawing from the conversation. Typically, the offended party will not say anything but they will walk away feeling cheated out of the chance to share. It is this sharing and articulation that deepens and cements our relationships in both school and life. How about you? Or had you already heard this one?

[1] Elements of the conversation attributed to Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM.

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