What we are listening to

Chris Standring – We hope you enjoy his uplifting music as much as we do. All rights reserved Chris Standring.

David Byrne – Miss America – For when you need to dance. All rights reserved David Byrne

Iggy Pop – The Passenger – When you need real authenticity. All rights reserved Iggy Pop & The Stooges.

Rush – Xanadu & Red Barchetta – An example of using music to tell a story – We could argue all day, but we think they were one of the best bands ever. All rights reserved Rush.

All rights reserved Carlos Baute with Marta Sanchez.

Going old school with Aquas de Marco. All rights reserved Tom Jobin and Elis Regina.

Sometimes we need to play more often. Percy Grainger pushed us to do this with “Over the Hills and Far Away.” Played by the U.S. Marine band – Semper Fi!

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