Imagine the whole and build the pieces. My goal is to capture the imagination of customers, and coordinate with others to deliver real capability.

An old basketball star named Bill Russell once said, “When we are unseen, we have an enormous advantage in moving in, doing things we wish or need to do, and in the process, to change the very dynamic of existing, seemingly closed, patterns.” He relates it to the value of invisibility. As a bald man, I discovered my secret power is invisibility. With this power, I quietly champion others.  

I calculate the conditions that need to exist for the success of a product or service. I track trends and uncover gaps between aspirations and operations. It’s about transforming the delivery of products and services into easy to read language. Language that connects with the instincts of people. For me, it’s about listening and being present for those in front me. I put down my busyness, so I can be like Bill Russell and influence the giants I run across.

Sales Copywriting *  Editing Services * Humor

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