In business since 2010, Tesla Designs LLC, provides Business Intelligence Software & Training. We help people by comparing their strategy to the market conditions that have to exist for a product or service to be successful. We combine machine learning software with human based heuristics to find entry points or paths to win new sales. In addition to our software, we offer training to business staff members in way that entertains, solicits curiosity, and provides understanding of how to collect useful business intelligence using open source data and human based methods.

We have been fortunate to work with many winning teams. Capturing and conceptualizing the difference between the “as-is” and “as it should be,” when it comes to training and software. Helping clients to organize, scale and see forward. Working together, we have won more than $400 million in contract awards for our software and training. We are proud of having a hand in creating over 100 jobs and associated income for others. It’s about eliminating complexity. Imagine the whole and build the pieces.

Imagine Your Future & Design It

More fun articles and insights into how technology impacts our culture coming soon!

I wake in the morning, not naturally, but to any number of noises and a cacophony of beeps and blurps that go off. It is the morning wake-up call from the machines. I note in the mirror that I am starting to look like the Sith Overlord, with red eyes and all. Shuffling into the kitchen I turn on my Keurig, which tells me, “Preheating.”  The Amazon Alexa spontaneously calls out that there is 30 minutes left on one of the two timers set. I’m late already, for what, I am not sure.   Read more…

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