Imagine the whole and build the pieces.

I give people something to push against. I distill complex behavior into easy to read language. Language that helps people see incongruence so they can discriminate in their decisions. Good writing comes with an emotional imprint. The aim is to capture the conditions that must exist for the success. If we hit the target we create curiosity that leads to awareness. Without awareness we cannot expect others to care. 

Tesla Designs LLC is not affiliated with the Tesla Car Company. I wish I could say I was that prescient, but I settled on the name after studying the concepts of Nikola Tesla in graduate school. 

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My Specialities


I research to find the conditions that must exists for the success of a brand.


The goal here is to help you tell your story in a way that is interesting. I figure out how to make an emotional imprint with readers.


I help people organize, simplify, and see forward.


I find gaps in and around your strategy. I do so with patience and kindness. After all, it's all about positioning.

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