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Adapting To Technology

Short articles and insights into how technology impacts our culture

I wake in the morning, not naturally, but to any number of noises and a cacophony of beeps and blurps that go off. It is the morning wake-up call from the machines. I note in the mirror that I am starting to look like the Sith Overlord, with red eyes and all. Shuffling into the kitchen I turn on my Keurig, which tells me, “Preheating.”  The Amazon Alexa spontaneously calls out that there is 30 minutes left on one of the two timers set. I’m late already, for what, I am not sure.   Read more…

The machines tell me what to do - art courtesy Scott Hall
Who’s in charge?!?

Social media has brought overwhelming information to relationships. Have you ever started to share something with someone and they simply cut you off stating, “Oh yeah, I heard that on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other?”  Or maybe, you are not the most prolific poster, but have a family member that posts in rapid fashion. Read more…

Charlie Chaplin

The first thing we learn is that the automated HR screening robots that scour our profiles have no sense of humor, style and lack the ability to detect soft-skills in candidates. As a result of this, many great candidates and new graduates are missed. Read more…

The Robots Are Oblivious

The best way to learn about technology is to simply observe it around you, interact with it and begin asking how it works, why it is important, if it is important. Sometimes there is a lot of self-marketing clutter that surrounds new products & it can be difficult to discriminate these between those and truly disruptive technologies that society is adopting.  Read more…

Ziosk ordering checkout tablet.
Ziosk ordering checkout tablet.

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