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about the author

I craft fantasy stories to take you into the minds of the old masters. They are the keepers of the lost spells. They speak incantations not known by man. I am here to tell their stories. Their quest is to recover the source magic. The magic that was stolen by witches and warlocks. 

As for my own story, years passed before I decided to go look for this lost magic. What form is it in ? What is it worth? Was there a risk to go after it myself? I settled my anxiety after a walk in a woods. 

I was a mile into the forest when I spotted it. A waiting tree. A giant oak if you will. On it’s branches sat a large horned owl with yellow eyes. A hunter of noise and nighttime movement. It was just after sundown and the woods were starting to whisper. The shapes were shifting like they always did. I had walked far enough to notice there was something on the other side of the giant oak tree. Something in my intuition told me to turn away and investigate in the morning. I quietly moved off, not wanting to run into a witch in the woods at this hour. 

By day I live and work in both the digital and physical world. There can be a bit of sterility in the digital world so I often port myself to far off woodland realms. You never know what you will find. You can contact me via the contact me link above. Thank you for visiting. Scott