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about Me

I try to live in the real world

I have proof of it somewhere on my wall. What I know is that you are as good as you are today. A good pedigree and past performance does not guarantee you success. I write as a way to make sense of the change. I write to lift others up. From technology taking the place of skills to the impact of social media on our kids, writing helps me understand how I interpret the world. I created my own path. In my spare time I provide editing services for others.
To connect you can find me on LinkedIn. Thank you for visiting. Scott

The background of the tesla designs

I took the name Tesla Designs after studying the concepts of Nikola Tesla in graduate school. This site is not affiliated with the Tesla Car Company. It is also not affiliated with Emerson Electric Company. I started it as a web design firm and moved into writing about how culture and technology intersect. Why the use of sorcery sounding terms such as incantations to spells and others? Is this one of those witchcraft or a Wicca site? No, but if you know where I can get some good eye of newt or a stack of hovering tarot cards please let me know. The truth is the human mind needs to play. We need a break every now and then from hard logic. In truth I started it as an experiment. I wanted to see how long it would take an article to propagate through the search engines and in between different platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. I watermarked my documents, pictures, and put some tags in with the word 'incantations' which was somewhat distinct and not often used. I could tell you the results but then I'd have to put a hex on you.

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