The trouble with technology

The trouble with technology is it eats our focus and time. What we need is simplicity and not complexity. Our collective busyness has left us no time to listen to one another. It seems we have lost the ability to appreciate the people in front of us. Even during a pandemic, we see people jogging with earbuds in.

We give others short shrift answers and move on. We should at least listen to them or give them something they can laugh about before we give them the obligatory thumbs up. What we need is a button that says, “Quit your sniveling and move on!” I would suggest the middle finger button, but it seems we should save this one for when pleasantries in real life need to be exchanged. What we can do is to help people take a break from the sterile environment brought on by working in technology. We can encourage them to take a break from the clamor of noise around them. Make observations rooted in truth, but deliver with humor. Humor that is without meanness.

Social media does not help, it seems to bring overwhelming information to relationships. Like the importance of not breaking a streak in Snapchat®. Do it now or else there’ll be hell to pay! We share without regard, not realizing that we are short circuiting our conversations. Worse is we don’t give the other side a chance to share. Depriving them of chance to share. And so goes my rant about technology.

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