Ways to say it

Some starting sentences to help you get the writing process going. If you use them, please put me (Scott Hall) in your citations in the references section, thank you.

  • We start bending at an early age because we are doing something that is not authentic to our true self.
  • How you interpret the world is custom to you.
  • Think about hype versus reality. By reality I mean science. Marketing departments will often capture the public’s imagine but fail to meet it with reality.
  • Look for journalistic piffle. Is it an article with 100’s of hyperlinks embedded within it? It’s probably crap or spam marketing.
  • Can you find correlations between company products.
  • Try to put words to the perceptions you receive from others. Use their words though.
  • Does a product leave you with an emotional imprint?
  • Try to create analogies in your writing when explaining complexity. Maybe it was one of those cars that goes just fast enough to slow you down.
  • Be careful not to apply what we call “over fitting” or being too discriminatory.
  • A good pedigree and past performance does not guarantee you success today.
  • Always take the initiative.
  • Is it possible to predict the future? Yes, but it comes down to the level of granularity.
  • Often times we can use technology for purposes it was not intended for.
  • When you are mapping subjects or trying to figure something out, look for the nature and scientific barriers.
  • Use predictions to position yourself and your company for the next thing.
  • If you put structure in your writing, it will provide some meaning as well.
  • When writing don’t worry about competition, just get started. You are not just competing against other writers, but also against other forms of entertainment. It’s tough.
  • Write to resonate and not reach.
  • Organization in documents is about retrieval.
  • Help readers educate their judgement. Create curiosity leading to awareness. Without awareness we can’t expect people to care about our work.
  • Make sure your observations are rooted in science and delivered with kindness if required. Giving your readers something to press against.
  • If you are too angry and up in your own head with emotional recycling, you can’t hear the music around you.
  • Ensure you bridge the gap between aspirations and operational reality.
  • Transform what others feel into easy to read language.
  • A collection of estimates…..
  • For Marketing types ensure you have a rhythm. Is there a cadence and consistency in your communications?
  • Sometimes it’s fun to connect over complaints.
  • Technology is taking the place of skills in many industries.
  • Talk about learned complacency…
  • It was a celebration that turned to a tribute….
  • Students learn by telling, by doing, by teaching others….

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